Sonoma Raceway (Previously Infineon Raceway)

BSS helps bring sustainable sponsorships to a popular motorsports venue

Infineon Raceway (now Sonoma Raceway), one of the top motorsports venues in the US, sought a new partnership platform that would provide sponsor funding to implement eco-friendly and energy-saving infrastructure improvements and showcase new green performance technologies. BSS worked with track management to develop the Accelerating Sustainable Performance program to achieve the raceway’s greening and capital improvement goals.

A multi-year relationship with Panasonic brought 1,652 new solar panels to the raceway, powering 41% of the raceway’s energy needs as well as a new solar powered LED display board along Highway 37. Panasonic became the naming sponsor of the raceway’s Panasonic Technology Center, a model of cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency. The program also attracted partners PG&E, which conducted an energy audit of the raceway; Amyris, the raceway’s exclusive diesel provider; and Safety-Kleen, which recycles used oil products at major raceway events.

The raceway developed an Accelerating Green Performance Summit during IndyCar Weekend, which featured key industry experts, thought leaders and green racing technology demonstrations. The raceway also hosted the first zero-emission motorcycle race in the US, and has plans to host carbon-free races in conjunction with all major events. Other planned actions include a collaborative transportation program and enhanced recycling.

With the help of BSS, the raceway has taken a lead role in driving the much-needed greening of racing, and is doing so using the power of partnerships. With its sustainable and tech-savvy approach to venue enhancement, Sonoma Raceway solidified its role as a progressive leader in the world of motorsports.

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