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Earth Day More Relevant Than Ever – As Is Sustainable Sponsorship

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

IMG_0974Yesterday, I spent the day at the SF Giants game, as BSS was again responsible for coordinating a Community Outreach day on behalf of our client PG&E. It was a beautiful, warm day in San Francisco that made it easy to note how dramatically our climate has changed over the past few decades. On Earth Day, it’s important to note how much there is to do to generate awareness and remind consumers to give their business to companies that support the environment and commit to sustainability.

Given the “green fatigue” that has developed in some quarters of the marketplace, we must remember that the sustainability movement is still advancing, with eco-friendly initiatives now commonplace and almost routine. One only needs to follow news coming from industry newsletters like SmartBrief on Sustainability, CSRwire, or Joel Makower’s blog GreenBiz to see daily reports of actions being taken by corporations to address environmental and bottom line interests through green policies.

While walking through the ballpark on a Green Ballpark Tour, I was struck by how much the Giants and their partners – most notably PG&E – do to achieve lofty sustainability goals. The Giants have won MLB’s Green Glove Award as the greenest franchise five years running now – going back to when PG&E first partnered with them to place solar on the ballpark and to obtain LEED Silver status, which they received in 2010. Hearing head groundskeeper Greg Elliot talk about the creative ways they conserve water and use organic products and natural landscaping techniques for a more conscious approach to field maintenance, one is struck by how well the greening of sports is progressing.

Still, I realized how the green messaging we heard on the tour must sound like background noise to many people, and wonder how much it really feels relevant to the average person. It seems to me that sustainability messaging is more important than ever, and that those of us in the communications space must continue to find new ways to connect with people directly in a language that will reach them.  Using sports, entertainment and other sponsorship-friendly platforms to communicate relevant sustainability messaging remains an extremely viable and powerful tool for corporations and NGOs to reach diverse audiences with both their own messaging and consumer calls-to-action. We have to keep being more creative and effective, and not give up our efforts to grab the audience’s attention.

As our work at BSS has evolved the past couple of years, we have spent a great deal of time on civic projects with inherent green strands. While not leading with sustainability messages, these projects and the organizations driving them have shown how sustainability can be a natural feature of any major event, community project or new building. We’ll review some of these projects in the days ahead and suggest ways that new properties can be thinking of sustainability through strategic partnerships of many varieties, including sponsorship.

Sustainable sponsorship is in our future to stay. Let us know how we can help your organization engage in this vital and challenging practice – just one of many ways BSS can help organizations enhance their bottom line and community connection through sponsorship and strategic partnership.


PG&E Teams Up Once More with the Giants

Friday, April 27th, 2012

For the sixth straight year, PG&E is teaming up with the San Francisco Giants to support ballpark greening and to promote the community partnerships supported by each organization. This year’s sponsorship focus is on a series of community actions that will be activated at the ballpark. PG&E’s community and education program partners will be invited to take part in special behind the scenes “green” ballpark tours and on-field ceremonies at a number of games throughout the season. Guests will be hosted by PG&E with game tickets in a special section, where they will watch the game after having seen the inner workings of the greenest ballpark in the country.

The Giants won their third straight Green Glove Award in 2011, an honor given to the MLB team that operates most sustainably. With a LEED Silver-certified ballpark, an aggressive waste diversion program, green garlic fries stands (powered by PG&E), and the distinction of having been the first solar ballpark (thanks to PG&E), the Giants walk the walk when it comes to sustainability.

PG&E will also work with the Giants to tell community stories via various media channels and in-stadium, including features on PG&E’s Solar Schools program, New Energy Academies and new scholarship initiatives. On July 15th, PG&E will host a large contingent of education and sustainability partners at the Madison Bumgarner bobblehead day game. In a special on-field ceremony before the game, one dedicated California teacher will receive the third annual PG&E Solar Schools Teacher of the Year award. The winner of the award will throw out a first pitch along with one of the company’s most active employee community volunteers.

We salute PG&E for its ground-breaking green ballpark work and recognize the company for its foresight in helping the Giants be the first baseball team to use solar to power their stadium. Go Giants!



Happy 75th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Big celebrations planned for 2012 to honor iconic structure

We are thrilled to be involved in developing sponsors for the celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary. The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy has been contracted to develop a year-long celebration that will include a major festival on Memorial Day weekend 2012, a series of 75 Tributes conducted by high-profile community partners and significant upgrades at the visitor’s area on the south (SF) side of the bridge.

We are working with the Parks Conservancy to develop the sponsors needed to promote and fund these activities. Download the one sheet to learn more about the celebration and the sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact us if your company would be interested in participating and keep checking here for more news.

One Year Later: Major Accomplishments at Infineon Raceway

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010


We are proud of the work we have conducted for Infineon Raceway over the past year, consisting of the program development, planning and partner recruitment that led to last week’s major announcement and media event detailed here. The Raceway has taken a powerful step toward becoming one of the most socially responsible tracks in the country by partnering with Panasonic and others to develop a sustainable energy program using solar, LED and efficiency measures to reduce grid-based power by nearly half.

It was a year ago this month that I met with Steve Page, Frank Gullum and Matt Ellis of Infineon Raceway to begin mapping out a plan for driving sustainability at the venue through a series of partnerships. We proceeded to create a unique, cutting-edge program that drew upon many of my past projects and leveraged the raceway’s innovative thinking and deep commitment to truly serving the needs of their partners. We chose to build the program from a base of energy efficiency and renewable power and proceeded to develop a partner ecosystem that will serve the Raceway, its partners, fans and the extended community for many years to come.

Learn more about this unique new program, our proud partnership with Panasonic, and the creative ways Infineon Raceway is walking the eco walk by following the links below. I’ll provide more information soon including our plans for the new Green Performance program and for the next naming partner of the track.

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New Partnerships Make Infineon a Sustainability Leader in Motorsports

Friday, October 15th, 2010

As mentioned in previous posts, we have been working with Infineon Raceway of Sonoma, one of the most successful motorsports venues in the United States, to create a new partnership platform that would provide funding for eco-friendly and energy-saving venue infrastructure improvements for the raceway. Over the course of 2010, we have worked with track management to develop a Sustainable Partnership program, providing a platform for the raceway to achieve its greening and capital improvements goals while offering partners the opportunity to take part in a high-visibility, forward-thinking campaign.

Venue infrastructure improvements are now underway for the 2011 season, accomplished with the assistance of several new partnerships that will be announced in the coming months. BSS continues to assist with bringing in partners for the program on a targeted basis. With its commitment to a sustainable and tech-savvy approach to the enhancement of their venue, Infineon Raceway has solidified its role as a progressive leader in the world of motorsports.

The new partnerships, developed under the umbrella of the Sustainable Partnership program, will help the raceway greatly reduce its carbon footprint by way of a substantial new solar energy system, new solar-powered LED message board and several energy efficiency measures. There will also be a new green media/business center and technology upgrades, all driven by new corporate partners.

Details of these new relationships will be announced in November, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check back early next week to learn more about the raceway’s planned sustainability measures for 2011.