Pacific Bell Park (Now AT&T Park)

Grand slam ballpark naming rights deal developed for client Pacific Bell

Pacific Bell, seeking high profile integration into the Bay Area community, enlisted Kevin Bartram and an associate to develop a major naming rights deal for the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark. Kevin met extensively with corporate executives to determine benefits to be derived in order to generate an appropriate ROI for PacBell.  These benefits included direct returns from selling telecom services and by handling IT infrastructure build-out at ballpark.

The sponsor recruitment package was transformed from a one-page letter that offered “name on the building” into a 30-page entitlements package that ultimately became the basis for the contract.  Without this diligence in identifying the benefits required by the corporation and the assets that the Giants were willing to provide, the deal would not likely have evolved.

On Pacific Bell’s behalf, Kevin Bartram and an associate successfully negotiated the $50 million, 24-year agreement that garnered national media coverage for the telecom corporation (pre-SBC merger).  Subsequently, they supported Pacific Bell in leveraging the sponsorship among their strategic partners (Nortel, Cisco, others).

This sponsorship became one of the seminal naming rights deals of the mid-1990’s, setting the stage for many to follow throughout the country.  Today, AT&T Park is widely considered one of the premier sports facilities in the country, and the original deal between the Giants and Pacific Bell is viewed as a bargain.

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