Canary Fund/San Jose Grand Prix

BSS put major league motorsports on track for a good cause

The Canary Foundation, a start-up cancer research organization, sought a high-profile event platform to launch their cause and to serve as a hub for a network of partners. After conducting an opportunity analysis for the Foundation’s leadership, we brokered an arrangement between Champ Car, the City of San Jose, and Canary Enterprises to develop the San Jose Grand Prix, a major league car race and urban festival in downtown San Jose.

Following the initial agreement and event planning, Bartram Sponsorship Strategies was directly responsible for generating $900,000 in cash sponsorships, $300,000 in budget offsets and $2 million in media for a 3-day event. In less than 16 months from conception, the event was produced, relying heavily on partnerships and sponsors recruited by BSS.

With total 3-day attendance exceeding 150,000, the San Jose Grand Prix proved to be a success. As promoters of the event, the Canary Foundation received excellent media exposure and myriad new partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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