Wells Fargo Pavilion/California Musical Theater

Bartram helps a performing arts center step into the spotlight

The California Musical Theater sought a title sponsor for its new performing arts pavilion in Sacramento. BSS facilitated and negotiated the relationship between Wells Fargo and the California Musical Theater (CMT) to generate funding for the new venue.

The resulting partnership served both parties well. Wells Fargo received an extensive benefits package in exchange for $1.5 million for the performing arts center over ten years. The California Musical Theater received the initial support and partner needed to take the next steps with financing and generating support from the City for the project that replaces a 40-year-old structure. The Wells Fargo Pavilion opened in 2003.

Today, the Wells Fargo Pavilion is seen as a major success as an arts venue title sponsorship. Wells Fargo and the CMT continue to collaborate on new initiatives and on joint marketing efforts that address their mutual interests. Wells Fargo went on to retain BSS for another arts venue naming rights deal in Santa Rosa, resulting in the renaming of the North Bay’s premier art center as the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

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