Property Services

BSS offers the following sponsorship services for properties such as sports teams and venues, entertainment events and venues, cultural and academic institutions, nonprofits and cause programs, government agencies, media organizations, and more:

  • Design valuable corporate partnership programs that attract ideal partners
  • Enhance existing programs and partnerships for greater returns and retention
  • Negotiate major sponsorship deals to maximize revenue and other benefits
  • Identify existing assets, integrating benefits into innovative program designs
  • Develop new events, tech extensions, and other assets to increase value
  • Identify cause and community platforms that increase value of offering
  • Produce professional sales materials that position properties among the best of class
  • Develop partner recruitment (sales) strategy and identify key prospects
  • Perform targeted sponsor prospect outreach and sales systems
  • Advise on effective activation, management, and reporting systems
  • Conduct internal partnership training

We also offer a series of consulting packages for property clients. Contact us to learn more about services for properties.