Sustainability Programs

02_infineon_stand2BSS considers sustainability, environmental stewardship, and other important social causes to be a cornerstone of our agency vision. We seek to integrate sustainability actions and messaging into programs we develop whenever possible, from Sonoma Raceway’s Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program to PG&E’s sustainability sponsorships with the San Francisco Giants, the Exploratorium, and dozens of others.

The sustainability and cause partnerships we develop go well beyond slogans and politically correct signage. We seek to make a substantive impact on the way that companies and organizations do business with our sustainability partnership programs. We have had great success in this pursuit, as illustrated through the Giants’ achievement of LEED status for AT&T Park – which occurred as a direct result of their partnership with our client PG&E.

Contact us to learn how your company can make a true impact on the future of our planet through strategic sponsorship actions. Likewise, we can help properties shape their sustainability efforts and causes in a way that attracts corporate funding and support. Let’s work together to make a true difference with this global and local issue.