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Earth Day More Relevant Than Ever – As Is Sustainable Sponsorship

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

IMG_0974Yesterday, I spent the day at the SF Giants game, as BSS was again responsible for coordinating a Community Outreach day on behalf of our client PG&E. It was a beautiful, warm day in San Francisco that made it easy to note how dramatically our climate has changed over the past few decades. On Earth Day, it’s important to note how much there is to do to generate awareness and remind consumers to give their business to companies that support the environment and commit to sustainability.

Given the “green fatigue” that has developed in some quarters of the marketplace, we must remember that the sustainability movement is still advancing, with eco-friendly initiatives now commonplace and almost routine. One only needs to follow news coming from industry newsletters like SmartBrief on Sustainability, CSRwire, or Joel Makower’s blog GreenBiz to see daily reports of actions being taken by corporations to address environmental and bottom line interests through green policies.

While walking through the ballpark on a Green Ballpark Tour, I was struck by how much the Giants and their partners – most notably PG&E – do to achieve lofty sustainability goals. The Giants have won MLB’s Green Glove Award as the greenest franchise five years running now – going back to when PG&E first partnered with them to place solar on the ballpark and to obtain LEED Silver status, which they received in 2010. Hearing head groundskeeper Greg Elliot talk about the creative ways they conserve water and use organic products and natural landscaping techniques for a more conscious approach to field maintenance, one is struck by how well the greening of sports is progressing.

Still, I realized how the green messaging we heard on the tour must sound like background noise to many people, and wonder how much it really feels relevant to the average person. It seems to me that sustainability messaging is more important than ever, and that those of us in the communications space must continue to find new ways to connect with people directly in a language that will reach them.  Using sports, entertainment and other sponsorship-friendly platforms to communicate relevant sustainability messaging remains an extremely viable and powerful tool for corporations and NGOs to reach diverse audiences with both their own messaging and consumer calls-to-action. We have to keep being more creative and effective, and not give up our efforts to grab the audience’s attention.

As our work at BSS has evolved the past couple of years, we have spent a great deal of time on civic projects with inherent green strands. While not leading with sustainability messages, these projects and the organizations driving them have shown how sustainability can be a natural feature of any major event, community project or new building. We’ll review some of these projects in the days ahead and suggest ways that new properties can be thinking of sustainability through strategic partnerships of many varieties, including sponsorship.

Sustainable sponsorship is in our future to stay. Let us know how we can help your organization engage in this vital and challenging practice – just one of many ways BSS can help organizations enhance their bottom line and community connection through sponsorship and strategic partnership.


SF Giants Attain LEED Silver Certification

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Earth Day turned 40 last week, and celebrations abounded throughout the world with thousands of events in over 180 countries. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has presented an opportunity for individuals, organizations, governments and corporations to take a good hard look at what we are each doing to help resolve the global environmental challenges that confront us.

Our client PG&E has taken a strong interest in participating in partnerships that highlight the importance of environmental action. One such partnership is with the San Francisco Giants, a fully integrated major sponsorship managed by our company for PG&E. In the past few years, PG&E has helped the Giants to install the first solar panels in Major League Baseball. PG&E has also helped the Giants to install energy efficient lighting at the ballpark, and has supported the opening of two energy efficient Green Garlic Fries concession stands. 

To coincide with Earth Day celebrations, the Giants announced last week that AT&T Park has received the U.S. Green Building Council’s Silver Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). AT&T Park is the first Major League ballpark to receive this honor for an existing building.

This achievement speaks to the Giants’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and fighting climate change. In addition, it underlines the importance of PG&E’s creative sustainable partnership with the team.  By supporting its partner in going solar and reducing its energy use, PG&E helps the Giants to not only reduce the carbon footprint of AT&T Park, but also helps to make an impact on each and every Giants fan that passes through the ballpark and notices the energy innovations.

 When corporations and cultural institutions demonstrate their commitment to confronting the environmental challenges we all face, everyone benefits. We applaud the Giants for stepping up to that responsibility with the help of PG&E, and congratulate them for achieving the significant honor of LEED Silver Certification for AT&T Park.